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Solution-Focused Therapy

We live in a fast-paced world, where clients want quick results. The field of mental health is no different. Clients and insurers typically want brief and effective treatment. Clinical guidelines for many psychiatric disorders recommend a combination of psychotherapy and pharmacological treatment. Unfortunately, pharmacology continues to take precedence in many front line treatment centers, likely due to the misperception that effective psychotherapy needs to be lengthy and time intensive. Instead, research evidence supports that brief therapy models, such as solution-focused therapy (SFT), are efficacious and are more easily integrated into many primary health care settings than lengthy psychotherapy models. The main goal of this course is to give you the tools you need to accurately identify and treat clients who are appropriate for solution-focused therapy. You will learn the basic tenets of solution-focused therapy, its process and approach, the primary techniques, and its utility in treating individuals and families with a variety of psychosocial problems. Experiential lessons, research-based information, and detailed case studies throughout this course will help you apply solution-focused therapy to a wide variety of individuals.
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Solution-Focused Therapy
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