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AIRS: Inclusions and Exclusions $13.00
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AIRS: Inclusions and Exclusions

Who’s in? And who’s out? These are the questions regularly asked of Resource Specialists who are responsible for the maintenance of human services databases in accordance with the AIRS Standards for Professional Information and Referral. This course provides insight into how to make those decisions. It also provides important background information for Information & Referral (I&R) managers and for everyone within the I&R field who needs a better understanding and appreciation of the composition of resource databases. The interactive course covers the challenges of deciding what human service organizations and programs should be included in a resource database and which should be excluded, taking into account the practical reality of balancing the community needs of the resource database with the means available to effectively maintain it. This course was written by AIRS staff member, Clive Jones, a former President of InformCanada, who is responsible for the AIRS Certification Program, in addition to assisting with training and standards development. It was adapted from material within The ABCs of I&R (copyright AIRS). AIRS is the nonprofit Alliance of Information and Referral Systems at www.airs.org.
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AIRS: Inclusions and Exclusions
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